Better Time Invested

So I read over my last post and took a long hard look at the numbers, I spent a good amount of time just looking for fonts, when I could have invested that time into writing. I can imagine how much time away from writing, designing the book cover would have taken, so I went ahead and hired a designer from, I really had nothing to lose except a couple of bucks.

I already had the concept in my head that I was looking for, and it wasn’t until I saw the model that would fit the cover for The Bedlam Butcher, perfectly, that I jumped on the opportunity to outsource the project, (I was actually going to originally photograph my wife and photoshop her up) So without further delay here is the cover of my upcoming novella.


The Bedlam Butcher: Chronicles of Cain Book 1
The Bedlam Butcher by Anthon Red

The project also included  a 3D mockup! Which was great! Here it is…

The Bedlam Butcher by Anthon Red
The Bedlam Butcher by Anthon Red

So for you aspiring authors, I strongly suggest you prioritize your time and see if any second away from writing is worth it!

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