A Blurb Worth a Million Words

So I’ve been doing a lot of research lately so that I’m prepared for the big Kindle prelaunch and eventual launch of my new novella The Bedlam Butcher and everywhere I read authors are mentioning the blurb is one of the most important aspects of your sales page.

For those of you unaware, the blurb is the small description that should encapsulate the feeling of your book in a few hundred words or so, to make matters harder, people don’t usually click on “read more” so you gotta really reel them in with about 50-100 words!

The typical buyer triggers are 1) book cover and 2) blurb and at that’s what should really get the potential readers fires stoked!

So after working on my blurb for some time, I finally came up with what I think is killer, check it out!

Trent Cain’s sorrowed past makes him the only detective in the city able to stomach the recent string of violent murders plaguing Bedlam, and the only man Chief Ryker can trust to predict the killer’s next move.

The macabre theme is set, as one after the other, each crime is staged to classical music from one of history’s greatest composers. With time running out, Detective Trent Cain must brave his own demons and match wits against a psychotic genius to end the city’s crippling bloodshed, or face the music of the shocking mistakes of his past and risk repeating them.

A riveting debut in an electrifying series, The Bedlam Butcher is a bone-chilling symphony of fiction and murder mystery that will leave you hanging onto the next note.

The blurb is not really meant to summarize your book, but rather give a “feeling” of what it is about, and if you are targeting the right market you should use words that your potential readers are used to reading.


Alright till the next time, cheers.

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