2 Hours of Font Hunting

There is no time for rest when your running the final leg of a Kindle book release marathon, while there are the final parts of my manuscript to finish, I still have the book cover to think about. So last night I took a break from writing, pumped up some inspirational music and went font hunting! I thought it was going to be a pretty simple process, but before I knew it 2 hours went by! There are just soooo many great fonts out there, after combing through hundreds of fonts, I now have narrowed it down seventeen choices. The next step in the elimination process will be to check each fonts’ licensing, most of the time this involves actually downloading the font and reading the included readme.txt file.

I must admit, that I truly enjoy the creative part in designing the book cover, the main font I was looking for was for the main title of the book alone, afterwards the subtitle and author name will be something different and a lot more simple.

Since my book is a murder mystery, I’m going for Typewriter, Eroded or Destroy typeface. I’ll keep you all posted on my final choice!

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