The Bedlam Butcher – Out Now on Amazon!

The Bedlam Butcher by Anthon Red

The day has finally come! The larva that has been slithering in my head for the past few months has finally fluttered away like a butterfly and is live on Amazon. I also formatted my manuscript, The Bedlam Butcher: Chronicles of Cain, for the paperback version of the book! You can check out both versions below as they are not yet linked together.

The Kindle version

The Paperback version

Go ahead and grab a copy
Let me know what you think of it!

By the way, I changed up the cover in the last days leading upto the book launch, I find this one more captivating than the original one I showcased

A Blurb Worth a Million Words

So I’ve been doing a lot of research lately so that I’m prepared for the big Kindle prelaunch and eventual launch of my new novella The Bedlam Butcher and everywhere I read authors are mentioning the blurb is one of the most important aspects of your sales page.

For those of you unaware, the blurb is the small description that should encapsulate the feeling of your book in a few hundred words or so, to make matters harder, people don’t usually click on “read more” so you gotta really reel them in with about 50-100 words!

The typical buyer triggers are 1) book cover and 2) blurb and at that’s what should really get the potential readers fires stoked!

So after working on my blurb for some time, I finally came up with what I think is killer, check it out!

Trent Cain’s sorrowed past makes him the only detective in the city able to stomach the recent string of violent murders plaguing Bedlam, and the only man Chief Ryker can trust to predict the killer’s next move.

The macabre theme is set, as one after the other, each crime is staged to classical music from one of history’s greatest composers. With time running out, Detective Trent Cain must brave his own demons and match wits against a psychotic genius to end the city’s crippling bloodshed, or face the music of the shocking mistakes of his past and risk repeating them.

A riveting debut in an electrifying series, The Bedlam Butcher is a bone-chilling symphony of fiction and murder mystery that will leave you hanging onto the next note.

The blurb is not really meant to summarize your book, but rather give a “feeling” of what it is about, and if you are targeting the right market you should use words that your potential readers are used to reading.


Alright till the next time, cheers.

Better Time Invested

The Bedlam Butcher by Anthon Red

So I read over my last post and took a long hard look at the numbers, I spent a good amount of time just looking for fonts, when I could have invested that time into writing. I can imagine how much time away from writing, designing the book cover would have taken, so I went ahead and hired a designer from, I really had nothing to lose except a couple of bucks.

I already had the concept in my head that I was looking for, and it wasn’t until I saw the model that would fit the cover for The Bedlam Butcher, perfectly, that I jumped on the opportunity to outsource the project, (I was actually going to originally photograph my wife and photoshop her up) So without further delay here is the cover of my upcoming novella.


The Bedlam Butcher: Chronicles of Cain Book 1
The Bedlam Butcher by Anthon Red

The project also included  a 3D mockup! Which was great! Here it is…

The Bedlam Butcher by Anthon Red
The Bedlam Butcher by Anthon Red

So for you aspiring authors, I strongly suggest you prioritize your time and see if any second away from writing is worth it!

2 Hours of Font Hunting

Kindle book cover font hunting

There is no time for rest when your running the final leg of a Kindle book release marathon, while there are the final parts of my manuscript to finish, I still have the book cover to think about. So last night I took a break from writing, pumped up some inspirational music and went font hunting! I thought it was going to be a pretty simple process, but before I knew it 2 hours went by! There are just soooo many great fonts out there, after combing through hundreds of fonts, I now have narrowed it down seventeen choices. The next step in the elimination process will be to check each fonts’ licensing, most of the time this involves actually downloading the font and reading the included readme.txt file.

I must admit, that I truly enjoy the creative part in designing the book cover, the main font I was looking for was for the main title of the book alone, afterwards the subtitle and author name will be something different and a lot more simple.

Since my book is a murder mystery, I’m going for Typewriter, Eroded or Destroy typeface. I’ll keep you all posted on my final choice!

Social Media Presence…Done!

I’m working very hard to get my first publication out to the fans. Today I setup my social media presence; that including setting up my author page on Facebook, my Instagram and Twitter accounts, so whatever your social poison of choice it, go ahead and follow me! Remember to subscribe to my newsletter and be one of the very few to get my first book for FREE.,